Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's Only A Small Technicality

I have to say that Bubba Gump Gatlinburg did not feel quite the same as Bubba Gump Orlando - extremely different atmosphere!

Regardless, the food was good and the people were friendly.

Since this was the eve of Addie's Birthday, we felt it more than appropriate to find every single opportunity to celebrate.

My brother came dressed for the occasion.
We had been out all day long and by the time we finally made it to dinner, we were ready to eat so that we could get back to our temporary house.
We had absolutely no shame mentioning that it was Addie's Birthday - we just left out the part where it was technically still about five hours away.

Addie wasn't real sure what to think...
and let me tell you, it was not a quiet celebration either...
They were all so sweet to Addie!
Addie had just finished a chicken finger, ranch dressing, blue jello cocktail and was taken off guard that she was now presented with the option of downing an ice cream sundae. 
We still couldn't figure out if she was about to burst into tears
or just continue the deer in the headlights gaze. 
This was one night that I didn't have to try to get Addie to sleep.
She slept awesome!


jennohara said...

Ah! I'm so glad she got a big, loud birthday song!!! How very very special!