Sunday, January 08, 2012

Morning One in Gatlinburg

Since we are still somewhat traumatized from our car trip last year, we decided to stay a little closer to home this year.
We turned down a cruise and a trip to Lake Tahoe.
I can't tell you how much that hurt.
Regardless, we are seeing progress with Addie and I know that one day we will have the opportunities to travel more.

For Addie's 5th Birthday trip, we went seven hours north of home.

We were ready to hit the slopes, but there was just one small problem.
The temperatures were hovering in the upper 30's, so the only snow we saw was covering the slopes under the stagnant ski lifts.

We resorted to Plan B and took to the ice.
Well...most everyone took to the ice.
My mother (yes, she made the trip!), niece, Addie and I took to the spectator zone.

Addie was a little on edge and started out a little upset.
Once she saw that everybody was OK and having a good time, she calmed down.

She never stopped watching!
She loved watching her Daddy
and Julien.
She had a blast watching everyone and as usual, was the best cheerleader in the entire building!
Julien was one of the best skaters out there.
He is a natural!
My sisters on the other hand....
not so much.
Every few minutes, everybody would gather at the windows where we were watching so they could wave to Addie
and if they didn't wave, she tried her best to get their attention.
Addie watched
and watched.
Not even my niece could get Addie's attention away from the ice.
There was only a very, very small part of me that felt bad for not taking Addie on the ice.
It really wasn't a good idea and she honestly didn't seem to mind just watching.
She is such a good little cheerleader!