Monday, January 16, 2012

Yee Haw

Since poor Addie isn't able to tell us what she wants to do, she just basically tags along for whatever it is that we are doing.
Most of the attractions - everywhere we went - were either too big for her or they wouldn't allow an adult with her, which meant that she couldn't go on the ride or on the playground.

Addie didn't really seem to mind much because she loves watching people. It really bothers me more than it does her.
After breakfast, we headed over to the Nascar Speed Park (Yes. I typed that correctly). It is a mega tourist trap and absolutely perfect for Julien, Chris and my brother. I was actually really excited about it because they had several different Go-Kart Tracks and my plan was to find one where Addie could ride with me.
She was technically too small, but since the guy at the gate didn't bother to check her height, we didn't have any problems getting our turn.  If I'm going to pay $14.99 + tax just to get Addie through the doors, by golly, she is going to ride something.

The Go-Kart track was nice in the world of tourist Go-Kart tracks.I was mindful of the fellow participants and I stayed over to the right and went slower so that Addie didn't become too overwhelmed (and so that no one would bump the car and scare Addie). Addie didn't say a word the entire time. She didn't cry, smile or laugh. She just sat there. All I can assume is that she had no idea what to think of the situation!
After our turn, the guys decided to head over to the bigger and much faster Go-Karts and I took Addie over to the kiddie rides. Against my better judgement, I put Addie on one of the little self-propelled rides and watched as she sat - terrified - through the entire thing. She didn't cry, but her bottom lip was just about touching the floor when I finally got her off the ride.
From there, it was all down hill.

She hit the point of no return.
She started shaking and crying and nothing I could do would console her.
After trying everything within my power, I finally took her back inside and let her look around at all the arcade games until the boys had enough.
Addie's birthday morning didn't end quite like I had planned, but once Addie heard the word "cake", she knew good things were yet to come!
December 31 ,2011