Monday, January 16, 2012

Birthday Breakfast for Baby Girl

After our first round of pictures, we headed out for breakfast.
I decided that the Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant would be a nice fit for Addie.
It is a small, comfortable atmosphere and we shared part of one room with another party only part of the time.
That meant that we could be annoying and cut up as much as we saw fit and not really interfere with anyone else.

Our server was a super sweet lady who was more than willing to talk to Addie and wish her a big "Happy Birthday".
After Addie finished her breakfast, the server brought Addie out a piece of chocolate cake.
Addie was so happy to be spending her morning with everyone and to have so much attention brought her way!

My sweet Baby Girl!
After breakfast, we walked over to the store to browse around.
Addie is all about apples and was looking at everything!
While we were checking out, a lady approached me and asked if I had a blog.
She recognized us!
She was so kind and had so many nice things to say and I was so caught off guard, but so incredibly thankful for the moment!
I shared with her that it was Addie's Birthday and how very much she made my day because it was such a hard day for me.
God puts people in our paths and I know that she was placed there for me.
There is no other explanation.
We were hundreds of miles from home and crossed paths with someone who follows Addie's journey - it was pretty amazing!

It was probably a good thing that I had lost my voice or I could have held up the line at check-out talking to her for a very long time.

***I just want you to know that your sweet words truly mean the world to me and I am so thankful that you took time out of your day to stop and talk to us. 
You made us feel very special and your actions are very much appreciated!***

December 31, 2011


RollTide35 said...

You humble me with your kind words. Just from following sweet Addie's journey I know that you were chosen as her mom because of your tremendous strength and ability to love...You will always protect her and your arms are where she finds the most comfort...I love seeing that sweet girls progress every day..We ousl love to have you and your family join us for a Baseball game in Tuscaloosa any time. Our youngest son pitches for the University of Alabama and he would be honored to have you as his guest...Just let me know! I was wonderful seeing you that day and getting to meet that sweet child!

csmith said...

Yes Jennifer! God sent her that day just for you! He is so awesome! Btw to RollTide35, RTR :-)