Monday, January 16, 2012

Not My First Choice

I never thought in a million years that I would have a problem finding Addie a birthday cake in one of the biggest tourist traps in the south.
Every bakery that I called was either permanently closed or wasn't taking cake orders because of the holidays (that is just stupid).

We finally managed to locate a bakery at a local grocery store.
I decided that although it wasn't what I had in mind for Addie, that all that really mattered was that she was happy and she had C-A-K-E!
My sister and I took Addie to the bakery and looked through the book and narrowed the choices down to three.
I then asked the lady in the bakery to please go and get the cake decorating kits of the final three choices.
She was super helpful and didn't have a problem accommodating the request.
When she brought them out, I showed them all to Addie and let her pick her favorite.
Addie turned away horses and a cat and dog theme for the Backyardigans.
Since Addie isn't able to tell me what kind of cake she wants, I just make the decisions for her. 
This time, I wanted Addie to have as much say in her cupcake cake day as possible!
When I walked away from placing the order, I felt good knowing that Addie would be happy.

The grocery store where we ordered the cake didn't sell balloons so we had to drive to the next nearest store to find Addie balloons.
As my luck would have it, I found the perfect balloon - it couldn't have been any more perfect for Addie!
Addie loves the Backyardigans!
That little section of messed up frosting at the front is where my sweet girl just couldn't help herself!
The wait was just too much for her!