Tuesday, January 03, 2012

...and before breakfast...

Wow...talk about needing a nap.
I know for a fact it was just caffeine in his cup, although he needed quite a bit more than just that.
We had a long night and had a very busy day ahead of us!
...and a big huge Thank You to Santa for my beautiful gift!...

Just Dance 3 for the Wii.
That provided a ton of entertainment for us.
At one point I caught Julien videoing me - he is way braver than I thought he was.
After a few verbal threats, the video was deleted - he's a smart boy after all...
Addie was thrilled that Julien was helping her!

After breakfast the men folk headed out to hunt and gather.
There was only a short break in the rain, so really it was more of an aim, fire and get back home type of mission.
My house looked like a disaster.
I love how the holidays requires me to clean before, during and after and it still never looks the way it should.
I need a maid.


jennohara said...

I second that!
Common, you shoulda posted that video!