Thursday, January 19, 2012

Addie's Happy Birthday Presents

I love how she enjoys opening her presents!
She was very patient when she needed help.
My sister got Addie a new pillow for the car.
What a perfect fit!
She got a new therapy game - all about ducks!

My Mom got Addie a new baby that sings ABC's and 123's and teaches her about buttons, belts and zippers.

Birthday Lovin's

We hurried through opening presents because we were heading to Addie's birthday dinner.
We chose the Dixie Stampede because we knew Addie would love it!
She had such a wonderful time, clapping and yelling right along with everyone else!
It was a Christmas theme, so there were so many really neat scenes including acrobatic dancing toys and Addie was enthralled.
She wouldn't take her eyes off of them for anything!
At the very end, out came Santa and as soon as Addie saw him she went from clapping and smiling to tense and worried.
She watched Santa as he went all around the arena and she wasn't content until Santa was well out of sight and we reassured her that Santa had in fact gone, "bye-bye".
Addie had a wonderful time and it made me happy to see her smiling and enjoying her big day!

December 31, 2011