Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Birthday C'Jay and M.K.

Last weekend, we attended our cousins birthday party.
C'Jay and M.K. had a skating birthday party and Julien and Addie were all about it!
Addie was really excited about getting to skate like everyone else.
She was such a sweet girl and we went around the rink probably a dozen times before she was absolutely worn out!
Watching Julien!

I absolutely have a death grip on her little hand. 
I was so afraid she was going to fall, but she did so good "skating" all around!
She was so happy to be right in the middle of all the fun and I love having the opportunity to have her participate in activities just like every other child.

After the first few trips around, my niece came out to help us.
Once Gabi started holding Addie's other hand, Addie's confidence went through the roof and she tried her best to "skate" faster and faster.
Thank you Gabi for your help
thank you C'Jay and M.K. for inviting us to your party!