Sunday, January 29, 2012

All About Cats

It really has been all about cats at our house lately.
Rudy seems to be starting to settle in a little bit and is continuing to find himself in all kinds of predicaments.

Our little Monkey sticks right by him.

Never giving him a moments rest.
Rudy has such bad manners that even Chunkus has started trying to train him.
Before I know it, she will have him jumping through rings of fire and riding horseback.


Granna said...

Addie is destined to work at the vet's office! I loved cats as a child, too. I still like to pet one but my hubby is a non-cat lover, so that pretty much rules out having one in the house. I bet the new kitty is going to be as healthy as a horse by the time he gets all Addies loving.