Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Baby Girl's Big Day!

We look rough.
Vacations are supposed to be relaxing.
Somehow, they wear us out!
I woke up as sick as could be. 
I had completely lost my voice and my chest felt like an enormous elephant had parked at least its lower three quarters upon me.
It was absolute misery!
Despite that, I made sure that when the clock turned to 6:00 a.m., that I was awake and laying next to Addie so that I could wish her a Happy Birthday and so that I could tell her how much she is loved and how we would not trade the world for her. 
I thanked God for my sweet baby.
My Mom gave Addie her birthday outfit the night before and Addie was so thrilled!
She is all about cupcakes!
She was so excited that she "demanded" to sleep with her dress. 
She cuddled it in her arms like a baby and when she awoke the next morning, the first thing she said was "cupcake?".
I know Addie felt special in her birthday outfit and nothing could have pleased us more!
Addie wanted everybody to know that it was her "Happy Birthday Cupcake Cake Day"!