Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Not Bad...

It was from this view...
That he got this deer.

My dad was an amazing outdoors man. He spent his time hunting, fishing, camping and boating. He died the year before Julien was born, so Julien missed out on having all those experiences.
Thanks to Chris having great friends, Julien (and Chris) were invited down to Selma to go hunting.

On Julien's very first hunting trip and his very first time to aim at a deer, he got this guy with one clean shot straight through the heart.

I was incredibly impressed.
I told him he gets his good aim from me...

Keep in mind that in our house, we are constantly playing pranks on each other, so we have gotten to the point where we don't know when to believe each other and when not to.

The text conversation went like this:
Earlier in the day...

Julien: So...are you going to get him?
Me: Who?
Julien: The Cat
Me: Maybe
Julien: Did you get him?
Me: Who?
Julien: The Cat

Later in the day....

Julien: I just shot one!
Me: A Cat?!?!?!?!
Julien: No! A Deer!
Me: What? NO way! 
Me:  Did you really?
Me:  Prove it!  I want a picture.

That's when I started texting Chris who was already texting me....the texts went back and forth and when it came down to the final text, I just didn't believe either one of them...

until Julien showed up at home with a deer head in the back of the truck and a spent shell casing in his pocket.

A snot nosed little punk, otherwise known as one of Julien's "friends" told him that there is no way he would have shot a deer if it wasn't at least an eight point.

I told Julien that the deer population can become remarkably overcrowded in Alabama leading to deer disease and starvation and that he did the human and deer residents of Alabama a favor.
(That's not what I really wanted to say, but that was the right thing to say.)

Regardless of if it was a massive buck or not, that was one darn good shot and I'm very proud of Julien!