Monday, January 02, 2012

Christmas Morning...Continued

Julien loved bringing Addie downstairs to see her presents.
We have no idea if she knew why we were all excited, but I know she could feel the excitement in the air and she was just tickled over it all!

...and Thomas just sat back and took it all in...

Addie with baby number three and four of the Christmas Season -
they were one of the gifts from my Mother and a big hit with Addie!
(Baby number two has not been properly introduced yet)
Addie was definitely ready to open some presents.
It wasn't even about what was inside, it was just the opening of the presents that made her happy!
She still needs help and Julien was more than happy to lend a hand...or two.
Julien was telling her to "rip open the paper" and she was paying close attention to his directions.
A book all about dogs, Addie was thrilled...and Julien was too!

A Chloe's Closet DVD for the car.
The is one of the rare cartoons that Addie cares to see.
Her attention span with anything on the television is a few minutes at the most, but we keep trying to find things that will interest her in order to keep her occupied in the car.
One of her favorite things...fruit snacks out of her stocking. 
Go figure.

She spotted one of the Calico Critter's!
E.T. Phone Home...
This picture actually cracked me up.
Addie spotted the girl puppy in the bathtub and picked her up and put her on the potty!
If she can get that puppy potty trained, I'm calling Oprah for an in home one on one interview.

Checking it all out.

Addie has always had a really hard time with imaginative play.
It has been only recently that we have seen these skills start to develop and it is sporadic at best.
I know the dollhouse will help her with this, it will come in time.
Until then, the dollhouse is here, waiting on Addie.


jennohara said...

YAY I'm glad she likes the dollhouse! Isnt it funny how they instantly go to the toilet?

Tara said...

I want to play with that dollhouse! So darn cute! I just feel the need to tell you that your blog is one of my favorites. It has the perfect picture to word ratio, adorable fashion, and I get our humor. Thank you :)