Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Four-Year Check-Up

I never denied being remarkably behind.
I'm catching up on all kinds of things, including routine visits that are only ten months past due. 
It's been a whirlwind kind of year.
After rescheduling Addie's appt a gazillion times, today was the day that we finally managed to make it to pay our favorite pediatrician a visit.

I am so incredibly proud of my little Chunky Monkey for her behavior today!
She was absolutely perfect!

While waiting in the waiting room, Addie was sitting on my lap and shaking like crazy out of fear, but she never said a word.
She was content to hold E.R. Baby and watch the rowdy boys run around the waiting room until our turn arrived.

Addie did a great job while having her vitals taken and an even better job during her exam.
She is such a sweet girl and did everything that was asked of her...well, everything except to actually talk to Dr. Dudgeon.
I couldn't get her to say "hi" or "bye" or her name or anything to show off the progress that we work so hard to accomplish.

I was just thrilled that she was so sweet and didn't get upset.
I'm sure some of that had to do with having a fabulous physician caring for her.

Addie received one vaccine today and even did a fabulous job with that.
She doesn't get upset over having to receive a shot, but she did get a little upset when she saw the nurse put on her gloves.
What a weirdo - my child isn't bothered by shots, but is bothered by gloves.
Addie sat so still on my lap while receiving the shot, was more than thrilled to get a brand new boo boo band-aid on her arm and then was such a sweet girl while picking out her sticker and telling everyone (except the doctor) "bye".

Addie gained one pound over the last year and is now weighing in at 30.5 pounds.
She is in the third percentile for weight and the third percentile for height.

I think she's perfect.

I really was OK this visit.
There are so many "routine" visits that have been emotionally difficult, but today was good.
I think it helped that Addie was so calm and comfortable, which put me more at ease.

..and, Addie's ear started draining, the routine visit wasn't perfectly routine thanks to Addie's "dysmorphic" features and the perpetual ear infections.

Showing off her boo-boo band-aid that lasted through her shower.


jennohara said...

It does make a huge difference when they're at ease doesn't it?
I'm so glad you were happy with her appointment. Give her a big hug from me for being such a good girl!

Anonymous said...

I am just admiring those gorgeous eyebrows!! Perfect sweetheart.

Susan W.