Saturday, October 08, 2011

Bennett Farms

Bennett Farms is exactly what I needed.
I needed to experience life at a slower pace and I needed to get away from the crowds, to be at a place where we could truly enjoy the day and to take in the pure beauty of nature.

I happened upon Bennett Farms website, sent Chris an email and told him to look at the website because it was moving to the top of our to do list.

Last Saturday, we made the hour and a half drive
despite the immense car drama that we had to endure
it was absolutely worth it.

Bennett Farms is family owned and is truly the result of a dream.
There is a video on the website that is quite heartwarming and from the short time that we spent with Jim Bennett, he appears to be one of the nicest men I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

We spent the day at Bennett Farms surrounded by sincerely kind people.
From the time that we arrived until we left, we were greeted with warm smiles, offered assistance and thanked for being there.
It was an experience that doesn't happen often enough anymore.
It was a day where we never once felt out of place, we were able to be ourselves and to enjoy each moment.

The day was absolutely beautiful!

Pumpkins planted by hand.
It somehow makes them more special.

They make Sorghum Syrup and we got to watch the entire process.
The syrup is available for sale in the store at the farm.

Snake Creek...
There was really no need for me to investigate any further.
I took the sign for face value and stayed away.

They don't call it a farm just for marketing purposes.

I could have stayed all day.
We will definitely be returning to Bennett Farms and wish them the best of luck!


jennohara said...

Looks like the perfect place. Can I come next time? :)

Awesome pictures! The cow was looking almost annoyed though. I guess he's not into paparazzi! ;)