Monday, October 03, 2011

6th Game of the Season

Once again, we played a school that didn't have a separate 7th and 8th grade team - which means that the 7th graders got benched - again.
Since the game was played at home, Addie got to go with us.

Addie and the school mascot don't get along too well.
Addie is fine with her from a distance, but if she sees her up close, Addie starts to unravel.

When the Panther came onto the field, I got Addie's attention and pointed to the field.
The conversation went something like this:

Me:  "Addie, look at the kitty!  Do you see the Panther?"
Addie:  "Puppy?"
Me:  "No Addie.  It's a Panther, it's a kitty."
Addie:  "Puppy?"
Me:  "No Sweet Girl.  It's a kitty, it's called a Panther."
Addie: "Puppy?"
Me:  (Sigh...)  "Yes, honey.  I see the Puppy."
The 4th quarter of the game, Julien unexpectedly got to go in!

Yes, he's the big blur in the middle of the picture with one kid in each arm.
This win was ours!
Addie was not herself at the game.
I finally took her colors out of my bag and just let her sit back and relax.
At this point, it was after 8:00 and she was ready for bedtime! 


jennohara said...

In Addie's defence...the cat does kinda look like a dog!