Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chasing Rabbits and Pinatas

Last night Chris and I attended another PADS meeting because we love the time with our friends, love showing support to our friends and because we enjoy learning all we can, even when it doesn't technically apply to us. 
The guest speakers vary, last night it was a local pediatrician, full of valuable information.
The meetings are light-hearted and comfortable...organized and run by my dear friend Patti, so really, it's absolutely perfect. 
In December, my favorite Pediatric Dentist will be the guest speaker, so if anyone is interested in attending, please let me know - The meetings are intended for new(er) family's (friends) of children with Down Syndrome.
Chasing rabbits...but, I had the meeting on my mind because we had talked about the loving nature of our children and it reminded me of Easter ~~~

Just like at Easter, Addie had no desire to jump in to get anything for herself.
This time, she had no desire to grab the candy from the pinata.
Maybe she just didn't know what to do, she was just enjoying watching her friends have such a great time, although she did get a turn to break open the pinata too!
That was a lot of fun for her!
Chris didn't take any pictures because he wanted to watch.
After much, much effort and the realization that the pinata was made of indestructible alien space parts, intervention was needed to release the candy.
I walked over with Addie and had to pick up a couple pieces to hand to her.
She was thrilled to have just one piece, but I gave her one piece for each hand and grabbed a third just for good measure.
She was thrilled!

We had to leave the first party early because we had to make our way to party number two of the day...


jennohara said...

So all pinatas are that unbreakable, huh!
I thought maybe they were just the "canadian" ones. ;)
Yay for birthday season!! :D