Sunday, October 09, 2011

The Animals on the Farm

I don't know why Chunky Monkey is so frightened by random things, but apparently small, furry animals make the list of things that unravel her composure.
The animals that were available for petting were all very well kept and did not appear to be ready to attack my child at any moment.
There was a tiny horse, pig, rabbits, turkey and several other animals that I never got to look at because Monkey was certain they were lethal.

For whatever reason, this little bunny caught her attention and she was all about the bunny.

She just wanted to sit and look at the bunny.
Monkus had no immediate desire to touch the bunny...
but at one point, she did give it a kiss without actually coming into contact with it.
She was happy and content to sit and watch the bunny...just sit and watch her.
Hmmm...I don't think she actually made contact with the bunny at any point.
She just talked about the bunny's "nose, eyes and ears" by naming each one!
This super sweet lady offered to open the gate so that Addie could pet the horse. 
She thought it might make Addie feel more at ease (I can't think of any other time in my life that has ever happened...I was impressed!).
Despite the best of efforts, Addie refused to touch the horse and the horse appeared to be more afraid of Addie than she was of her...
or maybe the horse was just terrified of me.
When I started to push Addie's sleeves back so that she could pet the horse, she appeared as if she might actually make contact with the horse.
It didn't happen.
She walked away from the horse, gave the others animals a quick once over and decided that she was all done.


jennohara said...

Well, you never know what those crazy animals will do. Maybe Addie knows something we all dont. :)
Sweet sweet pictures!