Saturday, October 29, 2011

Birthday Party at Bruster's

I had no idea that Bruster's had a party room or allowed gobs of children to not only meander through their ice cream making facility and freezer, but also to actually make ice cream to take home.

Well, apparently they do and we got to do all of that thanks to one of Addie's classmates turning five!

Everybody got to feel how cold the ice cream storage containers are,

while Addie clung to me,
then everybody got to taste some of the blue goo ice cream,
followed by watching a live demonstration on the art of making a waffle cone,
then we got to add M&M's ( favorite), Oreo's or Gummy Worms (gag) to the already pink ice cream that was oozing out of the machine into the bucket.
There was a lot of hand holding in order to prevent five gallons of ice cream being dumped onto the floor.

Then it was time for a worm covered dirt cake,
followed by face painting.
Of course, there was no need to let go of the gummy worm, so it just went where we did.
This makes the list of my favorite pictures.
Addie couldn't help but take a bite out of the worm, while the lady was trying to show Addie the cupcake on her face.

Everybody was packed and leaving and Addie was still sitting quietly, eating her cake. 
Thanks D for inviting Addie!
We had such a great time!!!