Sunday, October 16, 2011

Not Exactly How I Saw It Going

It's October and 85 degrees outside. about putting a damper on fall festivities!

We didn't make it to any pumpkin patches on this beautiful weekend, we didn't make it to the Buddy Walk, we didn't even make it to the grocery store.

Although I never need reminding, sometimes I need a refresher on daily life with my sweet Baby Girl.

This weekend has been a roller coaster of emotions.
Addie has had several moments of pure frustration caused by her inability to understand what we are telling her.
We are so used to daily life with her, but when our routine changes any at all, it provides new challenges to help her understand.
We had a stressful morning with Addie, all because she didn't understand some of the things that we were telling her. 
She was becoming upset, which just becomes more frustrating and upsetting and it hurts our hearts to see her try to understand, when she clearly does not.

As I was standing in a public restroom scrubbing washing my hands today and rehashing the events in my mind, I had a moment of clarity.

Addie is only four, but by this point, a "typical" four-year-old can hold a full conversation. 
They can tell you what they are thinking (heaven help us), what they need, how they are feeling and pretty much everything else under the sun.
Addie can't do any of that.
How frustrating would it be for any of us to go through daily life not being able to tend to self-help skills independently, not being able to tell anyone what we needed or how we were feeling?

When I stop and remind myself of that, it makes it easier to understand her frustration.

...and just when I thought the entire day was going to be subject to frustration...

Addie surprised me with a spontaneous word tonight!
I had left her in her room with Alley Brat and walked down the hall to put some clothes in my room.
I heard her walk in and called for her, telling her that I was in the closet.
She walked into the closet, holding her blanket.
She put her head over onto her blanket and said, "Sleepy".

It was so simply amazing!!!

It makes all the frustrating times worth it because I know that she is ever so slowly making connections.

We are taking it one minute at a time and can't wait for the next time our sweet Baby Girl surprises us with another new word or action or another milestone met.

We are so thankful for Addie and truly know how blessed we are.


Sigh...we went over to my Mom's yesterday. 
Addie got to spend a lot of time with Carli, helped me wash her and even cuddled her after her bath..and then of course cried like crazy when she had to leave her behind.

Not long after we left, Mom ended up in the ER
is now back in the hospital.

She is incredibly sick.
Possible MRI tomorrow.
Please send prayers and well-wishes her way.
She hates when I post things about her.  I wouldn't do it except that we take all the prayers we can get!