Thursday, September 22, 2011


When Fungus Monkus woke this morning, we had all kinds of issues....lots of coughing, her eye was matted shut and her ear resembled slug fest 2011.

That immediately won her a day out of school, me a day not in the office and a trip to our very favorite ENT.

F.G. felt really bad all day and was either laying on the bean bag in the office or cuddled in my lap while I got a whole lot accomplished. 

We were able to get in with our ENT and he diagnosed her with Fungus of the Monkus. 
The same Fungus we have battled since she was an infant...well technically, he referred to it as the condition that seems to haunt children with "dysmorphic" features. 
Those words coming from anyone else probably would have stung tremendously a bit, but from our ENT, it only confirmed what we've known all along. 
Monkus has a much harder time than "typical" children and will fight sinus and ear infections...I'm assuming indefinitely.


jennohara said...

Fungus of the Monkus. :) I'm sorry she was so sick...
Doncha just LOVE the nice words that are used to describe our children. "Dysmorphic features" is probably my least favourite one of them all.