Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oh boy...

My sweet baby girl is the funniest little thing.
She is so sweet and so brave, but there are many things that frighten her terribly.
Two of the things that we encountered recently were at another dental check-up and the following week, at lunch.
I really love Addie's dentist and his staff.
They are so gentle and sweet and seem not to notice that my child hits meltdown as soon as she enters the exam area or that she is acting like they are trying to rip her lung out through her toenail.
What they don't understand is that Addie isn't frightened of them, she is frightened of the gloves and masks that they wear.
I am not entirely sure that frightened is even the right word, she is terrified!
As soon as she saw the hygienist reach for the purple exam gloves, she had a complete come apart.
These gloves and the coordinating masks, fall into the same category as scarecrows and clowns.
Our sweet dentist was completely clueless that had he just removed his mask completely from his person after the exam, that my child would have went from ear-splitting screaming to a mere whimper.
Seeing as how he doesn't know Addie very well, I decided not to say anything to him about the mask although he wore it dangling from his ears the entire time he was carrying her to get prizes and talking to me about the CT Scan from earlier this year.
He was so loving to her, never knowing that the mask of doom was causing her hysterics.
So, for those of you who have children that have no aversions to purple exam gloves and masks, I highly recommend Addie's dentist.
Great dentists are hard to find!
~Lets move on to lunch this past Sunday~
We were waiting patiently for our food at our favorite local deli, when I saw the server bringing it to us...while wearing purple food service gloves (Chris swears they were blue, not purple...but frankly the color shade of the gloves doesn't change the story).
Addie had her back to this man as he was approaching us and I tried desperately to take the food from him before Addie turned to look at him, but it was just too late.
As he reached over Addie to put the plates on the table, she took one look at his hands and started shaking.
It was horrible.
The shaking was then accompanied by whimpers and then she began to "beg" me to get her.
I tried to calm her to no avail, so I picked her up out of her highchair, sat her next to me on the bench and cuddled her as she watched this guys every move around the entire deli.
She wouldn't eat and couldn't take her eyes off of him.
Thank goodness he finished his shift about 15 minutes later.
When I saw him start to walk out the door, I picked Addie up so that she could watch him leave the building.
I told her that he was "all gone" and he went "bye-bye", that it was over.
After watching the door for several more minutes to make sure he wasn't coming back, Addie began to eat.
Poor Addie couldn't figure out if the guy was there to examine her teeth, give her a vaccination or just deliver her turkey sandwich and fruit.

(Thanks to Walgreens for the photos.)


Kim said...

Bless her heart!!!

jennohara said...

Oh no! She's such a sweety! It's funny and heartbreaking at the same time!

csmith said...

Awwwww Addie that is so pitiful! I am glad he went home too so you could eat in peace! Carie :-)

The Stallings' Clan said...

Bless her heart! She sounded so pitiful but I sure couldn't help from laughing.