Tuesday, April 19, 2011

In a Typical World

Hunting for Easter Eggs is a cut throat business.

In the Special Needs World, hunting for Easter Eggs is a beautiful and calm experience.

Unlike any other egg hunt we have ever been to, this hunt was so sweet. 
In addition to eggs, there were also lots and lots of prizes laying around to "hunt". 
The children all walked around looking at the eggs and prizes, some were even happy to share and Addie just had a nice time watching everyone. 
She didn't seem to care that there were stuffed animals, books, stamp sets, educational cards, bags, etc...just laying around. 
I finally picked up a few things for her and helped her put it into her basket.

If you notice in the background (I've tried to crop to avoid identifiable photos of others), the other parents are doing the same thing...picking items up and handing it to their children.
Everyone was so sweet.

Addie took her time putting everything into her basket.

(Oh my goodness....I swear my thighs should be in the best shape ever as many times a day I squat down to talk to Addie)
  It was so nice to see the children (and parents) so well behaved.

Addie didn't seem to notice the gift bags sitting around, so we continued past them.

We hunted further...

She is in love with the bunny bag.

The entire experience was something that everyone should witness -  it puts life into perspective.