Wednesday, June 01, 2011

It Was Worth It

May 25, 2011

On the way home from work, Addie was so incredibly quiet.
I knew that whatever the reason was probably wasn't going to be good,
I just couldn't help but enjoy the quiet.
I had the review mirror turned so that I could see her and she gave all appearances of being perfectly healthy.
She didn't appear to be in distress, she was just quietly sitting...
and I could hear something that kind of sounded like plastic.
In my mind, I decided that it was the little Ziploc baggie I had given to her with a few little Gummy Bunnies inside.
Except, I never saw her chewing anything and considering it was a thousand degrees outside, it only made sense (in my delusional mind) that she just decided she didn't want a snack.
Yet I could hear something...that honestly was on the side of unidentifiable.

When I pulled into the garage, got out and opened Chunk's door to get her, I saw it.
It used to be a Gummy Bunny.
My talented Baby Girl had somehow managed to pulverize the bunny into a sticky mess that resembled glue.

I couldn't help myself but laugh as I was dialing the phone to call Chris
I asked him if he could come down and help me carry a few things up.

When he walked down, he gave me a kiss, I grabbed my things and started walking upstairs as I told him to "please get Addie out for me...and you might want to take her directly to the shower".

Sure it was mean...but oh, so funny
I did ignore his pleas for help as I continued on up the stairs.

The picture makes it look harmless enough

until you realize that it really was glue-like and had her hands virtually stuck together. 

It wasn't anything that 20 minutes in the shower and a bar of Goat's Milk Soap didn't cure. 


jennohara said...

:) too funny!! Her little fingers were sticking together!
I think that was Chris' reward for being oh so helpful the other night. :)

Julie said...

Oh my... that's just as bad as marshmellow goo that the boys do!