Monday, March 22, 2010

Ride The Ducks

We temporarily left The Great Barn for our appointment to Ride The Ducks.

This attraction involved riding in a 1940's Army DUKW, an amphibious truck that started out giving a tour on land and then proceeded to slam into the water for a different view of the park.

It was awesome.

We had the very best time and learned some very interesting facts.
The guide asked if anyone could tell her who the carvings on the mountain depicted.
A little boy in the back, of no more than five-years-old, proceeded to give a verbal dissertation on the history of the mountain.

Hence, the look on my face - he has a great Mom who obviously started reading to him at a very young age (like my Mom did with us - Thanks Mom!):

We were given the most annoying duck quackers for the ride.
The quackers were fun enough for the ride, but after a few hours of having the quacker, quacked in my ear, I was ready to use the long, green string to tie my Baby Boy's mouth shut!

Addie tried and tried to make her quacker quack.
Even Addie humored the massive amount of noise!
After we made it into the water, all the little ones on board took turns driving.

Julien was thrilled!Addie just took it all in...and was content.So content on the water, that she wanted nothing more than to nap.
If you guys remember, there is something about boat rides that sends Addie right to the land of nod.


Aunt Nonna (Rhonda) said...

One of my favorite pics of Kayla is her sleeping on Dad's boat; she was only about 18 months old. Funny how soothing the water can be.