Thursday, March 18, 2010

Missing nap

is not a good thing nor is it recommended.
We won't talk about why my Baby Girl missed her nap...just join with me in screams of pure frustration!
While I was putting clothes away in Addie's room after nap, she grabbed Big Bertha and proceeded to "talk" with her about nap and even asked Bertha if she understood what she was saying.
Mind you, it was all in Addie babble, but she had a nice little conversation with Bertha about taking a nap and then after asking her if she understood, Addie finished the conversation with an, "okay?".

Addie was mimicking me.

I could tell from the sound of her voice that she was telling Bertha to lay down and go night night. After she told Bertha to lay down and go night night, she asked her if she understood.

After I talk to Addie about something, I ask, "Addie, do you understand Mommy?".

There are times when she will answer "yes" and there are times when I get no response and so I reword what I am trying to say until Addie responds and lets me know that she understands.

After I get an affirmative answer from Addie, I say, "okay".

Addie is one very receptive little Baby Girl!
(She's learning!!!!)


enichols85 said...

I just stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to say what a lovely family you have. I read a few of your blogs about the challenges & blessings you guys have been through and I love your upbeat spirit. :)

csmith said...

Yes she is Learning!!!! What a smart girl she is. She makes me so proud and I know everybody else too! So thankful and praise God!