Sunday, March 21, 2010

The first night

When we arrived, it was miserably cold and raining.
We drove straight through lunch, so we were ready to eat by the time we arrived.
After checking into the hotel, we found the closest place to eat that was open.
Of course it was at the golf course and lucky for us there were only a few stray golfers out, so we had the restaurant to ourselves.
The food was mediocre, but the view was phenomenal and the staff was very friendly!
We enjoyed a beautiful sunset and were feeling a little more relaxed by the time we got to our room.
After arriving at the room, I had to "prep" the room for our stay before we could unpack the car.
This involved removing the bedspread and decorative pillows, wiping down all hard surfaces with Lysol wipes, spraying all surfaces with Lysol and calling guest services for new sheets and blankets.
(Housekeeping is not allowed back in the room for the rest of our stay for fear that they will contaminate my sterile field.)
Then we went for a walk around the hotel while the room was airing out.
I am fully aware that I have a germaphobe disorder.
I can't help it.
Thank goodness Julien and Chris just go with it.
They have yet to admit me to an inpatient clinic for rehab, I guess they figure there is no professional that is skilled enough to treat me.
None of us could sleep the first night and Chris and I were pretty certain that our three nights away were going to be shortened because there was no way anyone in the hotel could listen to a crying Monkey all night long!

(The opposing view of the restaurant)