Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Side Bar

I need to have a little chat with my husband about his photography skills.
I can't tell you how many pictures from our trip were taken of my backside - seriously.

So, try to focus on the foam stairs in the back of the picture and not on the big gray whale at the front.

The first several times, Julien and I had to help Monkey up the stairs by either holding her hands and moving her leg from stair to stair or by giving her support as she crawled up the stairs.
After a few minutes, she walked away from the stairs and slide and was playing in the rock tunnel (bottom of the picture).
I backed away a bit and went over to talk to Chris.
No sooner had I backed away, the little Monkey decided she wanted to try the stairs again. She was doing such a great job so I stayed back trying to see what she could do by herself.
After all, the stairs are foam and the floor is made of rubber.
Poor Monkey made it to the third step when she lost her balance and fell back smacking her head on the wood on the corner of the wall!
Of all the cushiony child-friendly things in the barn and she gets smacked in the head with a piece of wood!

My point being, she tries so hard to do all the things that the other little ones do.
It's crazy how I can be so proud of her one moment and my heart just aches for her the next.
I thank our GOD for choosing me to endure the pain.
Monkey doesn't feel the pain of rejection and defeat.
She is so beautiful and proud.


jennohara said...

She's so strong, and brave :)
I'm sure a little kiss made her head all better.