Sunday, March 14, 2010

Things move slow in a small town

Chunk and I had a few errands to take care of today and on the way home, we got stopped by a train.
Chunk loves trains now that she has been able to fully connect the sound with the object.
She gets so excited when we tell her that a train is coming.
We have to put the windows on the car down, turn off the radio and just as the engine approaches, Chunky Monkey starts waving and saying, "hi"!
Today, we had a very sleepy train, who took it's time.
It was great and it was moving so slow that I had time to sit and analyze the trains cars.
I'm a little confused.
How is it that people have the time to paint graffiti on the side of a train?
How is it that they have the disposable income to buy that much paint and how in the world do they get up that high to paint it, much less finish it without being caught?

Monkey loved watching the train go by!Really, how'd they get up that high?
Do they carry special ladders for graffiti outings?
Is it the size of a ring box and they press a button on top and it magically unfolds to standard rail car height?
The use of colors is impressive...and must have cost a pretty penny.
That first word is like a hidden picture - which I'm terrible if that word ends up being profanity of some kind, forgive me for not forewarning you.

This one made me laugh.
Obviously, the person that bestowed their artistic talent on the left side of this unsuspecting rail car, had a bit more talent than the one on the right.
If ever I felt the need to spray paint graffiti onto a train, it would probably look like the one on the right.
I find it difficult to mess up a circle and an "x".
Although, I'm probably simplifying some really well known gang sign!

Don't steal my fun and tell me there are community art programs that allow artists to express themselves on CSX Property in order to advertise their talent on a multistate moving billboard!