Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Celebration at school

Addie was so happy during the party...and she loved her new dress.
This year, I bought her a few dresses since this is the first year that she can walk independently. Although Addie still climbs on her hands and knees, we don't have to worry with the walker or her crawling the majority of the time.
She loves how pretty she looks in her dresses and just know that every morning before we walk out the door, I take her to the mirror to show her how pretty she looks.
I tell her that she is beautiful and I have her look in the mirror to see her reflection so that she will know that I am talking to her.
I see true beauty every single day when I look at my Baby Girl.
Sweet Addie had the very best time at the party!
She loved dancing with W. and was so happy to see Chris and Me when we walked into the classroom!

I love these moments!