Wednesday, March 03, 2010

My husband is a very smart man.

When my husband walked into the bedroom this a.m. and saw Chunk-the-Monk lounging on the bed, he made a comment about how cute she looked....
When we were walking into school this a.m., he cleared his throat and asked in a very inquisitive tone, "sooo, what dress-up day is it today?"
He knew better than to ask me what loony land I was in while dressing Monkey this morning and thought it safer to ask what the theme of the day was (probably silently hoping that there really was a theme of the day - that in itself was a gamble).
He's learning...I'm so proud.


Aunt Cissy said...

Good job Uncle Chris. Addie looked as adorable as always even in her very mismatched attire. Only cute 3 year olds can pull that look off.