Tuesday, May 27, 2008

There's no place like home...

I just keep clicking my ruby slippers, but nothing seems to be happening.
We are officially homeless, but grateful to have a temporary house to live in. Julien and Chris seem to be adjusting well. They have been fishing and boating everyday and for whatever reason, the mosquitos don't seem to bother them like they do Addie and me! Addie took her first (and second) ride in the boat yesterday. We all got up early and enjoyed the ride and the calm water. On our first outing, Addie just sat back and took it all in. We went out again close to sunset and halfway through, Addie just couldn't take it anymore and she drifted off to sleep. She is trying to adjust to our new surroundings, but throughout the day she kept saying, "bye-bye" was restless and just wanted to be held. I think things will be better this week since she is back in school and her day will be somewhat normal.
Everything has fallen right into place for our new house. The appraisal, inspection and all the nit-picky items are complete. Now we just sit back and wait for closing on the 4th. I talked to the current owner this morning and it is possible we could get in the house a day early! That would be GREAT!
I hope to find the time (and computer access) to post some pictures soon.
Hope everyone enjoyed their long Memorial Day weekend!

Thanks Jenn W. for posting this for me!


jackie said...

Concerning the mosquito problems, have you heard about using Listerine as a repellent? I haven't been outside yet to test it, but they say it's a great protector of skin, clothes, yard, house, etc. Just pour it in a spray bottle and spritz.
Best of luck with your move and congrats on the house sale.
jackie smith