Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Small town news

1978 - My Dad, my Grandma and Me at Niagara Falls.
I'm still trying to figure out why my Mother allowed my Dad to sit me on that rock.
Was she just that certain that my chubby little legs couldn't crawl fast enough to propel myself off the edge before my Dad could catch me?
No wonder I'm horribly afraid of heights!
Fast forward a few years...
Our little town gets all excited when anything out of the ordinary takes place.
A bit of rain headed our way last night and continued on throughout the day and started back again tonight.
As a result of this, our small town Niagara Falls has vanished.
Our falls are gone.
Nothing is left but a huge river moving through our small town.
I do realize that every blogger in our town will have these exact same pictures - I know this because all of them were in the parking lot taking pictures with me!
So, forgive our Southerness (once again), we get all excited by the little things in life.

Our local little eatery, with a perfect view of the falls.

The lights that illuminate our falls at night are almost swamped.

What was the amphitheater and park just 24 hours ago.
The main road to our home was blocked this evening as a relatively large hole opened up underneath the road.
Hopefully the rain will ease up enough to keep our little town from being washed away!
Click here for a picture and story from Hewy!


jennohara said...

What a difference from when you were little! What a wonderful little town you live in.
I hope the rain lets up soon!

Kim said...


Apryl said...

Love the picture of Dez. Miss him.