Sunday, March 21, 2010

The first morning

Being on vacation requires me to find one of my "Happy Places".
This Happy Place exists in the land where germs are good because they build the immune system.
I had to find this Happy Place as soon as we set foot in the hotel and I had to remind myself how great my Happy Place was as the little Monkey was touching the thousands of foam balls.
The Great Barn has the appearance of being incredibly dirty, but despite being covered with nose-picking, virus carrying, saliva-dripping children, it was actually fairly clean (and the staff was amazingly friendly!).
It was dark and run down looking to give the appearance of a barn.
The barn was created so that children and their poor unsuspecting parents could be lured into climbing rope nets, sliding down slides, shooting and throwing thousands of foam balls, while only politely restraining themselves from braining one another (until closing time when it was a free for all).
We were only at the barn for about half an hour while we waited for our appointment for the duck event.
Julien and Addie both had the very best time and couldn't wait to get to go back later in the day.
Part of me was very much at ease because I was fairly certain that we wouldn't see anyone that we knew, while the other part of me was nervous about how other people would react to Addie. I didn't want the day to be ruined because of some rude response from someone. Addie spotted the big green button - she was so excited!


Mike Fiske said...

My wife and I met you and your family at the Barn last week. You gave me your blog address, I hope you don't mind that I shared it with my friends on Facebook (you can look at Michael R. Fiske), but I wanted my friends to know Addison, at least a little, as she is a very special little girl, and is blessed to have you and Chris as parents and Julien as a big brother. God Bless, Mike Fiske

Aunt Nonna (Rhonda) said...

It looks like you had a great time. It also looks like somewhere I'd like to take the girls....not too far away.

I thank God every day for Kayla, Julien, Gabi & Addie. They are all blessings and Addie was placed in our lives for a reason & you are setting an amazing example of that reason.

I also want to thank God for people like Mr. Fiske & his family. Life is hard enough without having to deal with nonsense and I'm glad that family was put in your path that day. Their life was touched by an angel...your Sweet Girl!!!