Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kim - the most patient woman on the face of the earth.

As many of you know by now, I am all about Kim Sharit Photography! Kim is the most amazing photographer (and Mommy to two beautiful girls) and has an amazing amount of patience!
We met Kim today for our quarterly family pictures. We had scheduled this day months in advance and of course it would be our luck that it was drizzling, raining, overcast, cold and windy. That really was not the bad part. We can handle taking pictures in freezing cold temperatures, take our wedding day for example, what I have a hard time dealing with is the fact that my children turn into the most demonic little creatures every single time we see Kim!
I just don't get it.
There is absolutely no excuse for it and I cannot figure it out!
They are fine in the car on the way to the session and fine once we leave, but while we are there, they are monsters!
We had to take umbrellas with us wherever we walked, so Kim, Addie and I shared one and Julien and Chris shared another. For some reason, Addie got it in her mind that she wanted the umbrellas and so for the entire session, that was her mission...trying to get whatever umbrella she could! Addie fell, making her already hurt knee bleed again, Julien got bumped in the head with an umbrella, Addie's nose started running and our hair was just pathetic from all the drizzle. Addie fussed, she cried, she threw tantrums and Kim just went about the session like none of it was even happening!
I was humiliated.
Kim is fabulous and I know without a doubt that she was able to capture one picture of my children with a smile on their faces or at the very least, one picture without their horns showing!
If anyone is in need of an amazing, patient, kind, loving photographer, give Kim a call!
Rain or shine, you won't be disappointed!


Kim said...

You have SO made me laugh this morning...for all of those reading, it was not as bad as it sounds. It was FREEZING COLD and RAINING and the WIND was CUTTING through us!! Jenn it is always so good to see all of you, I always look forward to it!! I am the lucky one here to have you guys...I will try to get you a sneak peek soon!