Monday, October 26, 2009

Did somebody say sweet baby girl?

Julien had football practice tonight, so Chris and I decided to take Chunky Monkey to the park for a few minutes before heading over to the field to watch Julien - for those of you who don't know the layout of our local park, the practice field is right by the park, so we could see Julien and still take Addie to the park - it works out great.
Chunk seemed agreeable to the idea of going to the park and as we were walking up a group of Mom's were sitting on one of the benches. One of them even made a comment something to the effect of: "hi sweet girl" as we were approaching.
Oooohhh, if she only knew what was about to happen!
As soon as I took Chunk out of her stroller, she went mad!
Frothing at the mouth, rolling on the ground, screaming and hitting.
Chris and I just stood back and tried our best not to laugh uncontrollably at her.
We still have no idea what happened, but apparently she was ticked and she couldn't convey to us what was going on, so she just lost it.
In fact, we have never seen her act that way. What a blessing it was to be in public when it happened!
The fellow citizens of our community could feel the warmth and joy radiating from my child.
For those of you that missed it, it would not surprise me if someone was filming the whole thing and it ends up on YouTube!
There happened to be a Mom there (just so happens to live in our neighborhood - great, eyewitness who knows us) with a little girl who was taken with Monkey and started playing with her. Next thing we knew, the horns withdrew into Monkey's skull and a smile was on her face.
I owe that little girl big time!


jennohara said...

Haha!! Love the sarcasm in this post. She's still is a sweet girl! Haha!

Aunt Nonna (Rhonda) said...

Everyone needs an outlet. Some of us just have different ways of showing it. Love it.