Sunday, October 11, 2009

Always the little things...

We rejoice in the little things.
We appreciate the little things and we know how blessed we are for every bit of progress Addie makes each day.
When Chris and I picked Addie up from school this past Thursday, her teacher's had a story for us.
Addie, like any other little girl, loves to have her hair fixed...just so she can mess it up!
She loves looking at her beautiful hair in the mirror after her teacher's style it for her and then a while later, they will discover that her hair is disheveled and her bow is nowhere to be found.
Apparently, this was the case.
They immediately asked Addie where her bow was - which I am completely certain they have done at least a hundred times and so have I - and to be honest, I'm not sure what kind of a response they were expecting.
I will say that Addie has amazing cognitive skills, but completely dependent upon the topic.
If you asked her to walk to the bathroom and go potty, she would understand.
If you asked her to walk in a circle (as in a game of Duck Duck Goose), she would not understand.
So, Addie's teacher's asked her to find her bow.
From what I was told, Addie walked back and forth in her classroom for a minute and then walked straight over to her diapy bag hanging on the hook under her cubby, reached in the pocket and held up her bow for her teacher's.
That little Monkey had taken off her bow and put it in her bag in order to take it home!
We were just floored!!!
This was so amazing and we were just thrilled that Addie completely understood what they asked, remembered what she had done with her bow and was able to retrieve it after being asked.
In essence, proof of increased cognitive developement and the ability to follow directions!
It's the little things...and I will take every blessing that I can no matter how insignificant it may seem to anyone else!
Thank God for this beautiful blessing and continued development!


Jennifer said...

that's awesome!!

csmith said...

Addie is proving them wrong every day! Thank You God for your AWESOME miracles.