Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I interrupt the posting of pictures for this very important announcement...

Monkey has not been well for the past few days and after almost 24 hours of her not eating, I decided it was time for a trip to see Dr. Dudgeon.
I meant to take the camera for a long overdue updated picture of Chunky Monkey and Dr. Dudgeon, but I didn't think my child would appreciate that too much (next time).
Monkey and I had a little talk before we got to the office and I told her that Dr. Dudgeon would need to look in her ears and in her mouth and that we were going to say "hi" to everybody and have a nice visit.
The visit went well, with no complaints on the torture involved in obtaining a flu test and a strep test. Monkey did as well as any child would.
Monkey even "talked" to Dr. Dudgeon as soon as he walked through the door and she walked around the room a bit to show off her walking skills...but there were two moments that were a first for us today!
Today was the very first day that Monkey was able to stand on the scales in order to be weighed. Never before has this even been attempted. In the past, we always used the infant scales, but the nurse we had today was new (to us) and was so sweet and told me that if Monkey lost her balance it would be no big deal, she could sit down and we would obtain her weight that way. To my surprise, Monkey stood so very still on the scales and next thing we knew - presto - we had a 25 pound Monkey!
The most beautiful moment came when we were leaving the exam room. Monkey was standing next to me, so I asked her if she wanted to walk out of the room. Not only did Monkey walk out of the exam room, but she walked out of the building and to the car only holding my hand about half the time! This day was a very long time in the making and was such a wonderful sight to behold!
The people we passed in the exam rooms and in the waiting room had no idea what a blessing they were privy to and they had no idea how badly I wanted to tell them all what a beautiful moment they had just witnessed!
Our "firsts" may be slow to come, but yet they still do.
Thank you all for your continued prayers that allow us to continue on through this beautiful journey!


Anonymous said...

That is so great. Next time, I say tell them..the people in the waiting room that is or who ever is around. If I was there it would have just made my day to know I was witnesing such a special moment. I check in on your site from time to time and love reading Addies accomplishments. It is clear that she is accomplishing what she does becasue 1. she is amazing and 2. because of your positive influence, patience, and love. You seem to be one amazing mom.

Take Care, Pam

Jovina and Bill said...

I imagine everything,, in my mind as you told your story. What a BEAUTIFUL sight that must have been! Way to go Monkey!!!