Saturday, October 31, 2009

Time for art!

Chunky Monkey had a great time decorating her pumpkins!
I had a moment where I had to catch myself from the edge of the cliff in which my emotions were about to take a nose dive and plummet to the dark, dusty depths below.
It still hits me hard sometimes how Monkey struggles.
She wanted so much to hold that stinkin' bottle of glitter and decorate her pumpkin.
She doesn't mind a bit that I have to help her and I am not even sure that she is aware of her lack of coordination.
Regardless, I managed to come to a screeching halt right before I reached the edge and I made myself remember that she is doing so much more than anyone ever thought she would.
So stinkin' what if I have to help her shake glitter on her Halloween pumpkin!
My job is to help her, love her and protect her and if that means we have to wait years before she can shake the glitter on her own pumpkin, then so be it.
That is the most beautiful little pumpkin I've ever seen.

The fabulous lady at Gymboree helped Monkey with her pumpkin and never demanded the "perfect" pumpkin.
I hate that we don't have more opportunities to participate in activities at Gymboree, Monkey loves it so much!