Sunday, October 25, 2009

Joy and hope

I had a date with my husband last night.
I know many couples who make the rules that they will not discuss their children, jobs, finances, etc. on date nights, but we always manage to bring up the topic of our children.
So, there we were sitting in our favorite restaurant, just minutes after Alabama managed to steal the game win when I looked at my husband and told him that I see more and more "the reason why".
The reason why we were chosen for Addie and the reason why Addie will struggle in life when others don't.
I didn't question, "the reason why" with Addie, from that moment when I first saw her and first touched her, I knew the why didn't matter, it was our actions after that moment that mattered.
There have been several instances lately where I can see "the reason why".
I have always said that Addie's job in this world is to bring joy to others. I am not exactly sure what my job is, but what I do know is that in addition to Addie's job being that of bringing joy to others, her job is also to bring hope to others.
I truly believe she offers hope that possibly never existed before.
We always had hope, but then again, we had Addie.


Julie said...

Jenn, I just love your heart. Even though I have never personally met your or Addie, you both have changed my life. Thank you.