Friday, September 11, 2009

We all scream for

Mmmm....Mmmm, ICE CREAM!
Let me just explain one small detail.
Monkey doesn't mind sharing.
In fact, she is a wonderful sharer!
Unless you try to share her cake or ice cream.
If you make this terrible mistake, she grows these long, sharp things that emerge from her head.
I haven't gotten close enough to take a sample to provide any type of scientific backing, but I do believe they are made of keratin.
If you just place the container of ice cream onto her lap and back slowly away, then the white, curved horns formations will slowly retreat back into her skull.
This is information that you will probably never really need, but you may just want to tuck it away back in the depths of your mind, just in case we meet at a birthday party, baby shower or wedding.


Ashley said...

These pics are precious!!! she is a doll! I love the first picture she was def enjoying herself.