Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Permission granted

You all have been so amazing in your daily continued prayers for our family.
I am forever grateful for your graciousness and selflessness and the love that you continue to show for our family.
Our journey is made easier because of your gift of prayer for our family. I feel indebted to you all and wish you knew how much I yearn for the acceptance and love of our community, our friends, our medical providers and those that we encounter throughout our lives.
It is your prayers that I ask of you now for another family that is walking in our shoes.
I have been given permission to ask for your prayers for a family that is in desperate need.
A friend has been blessed with a beautiful baby boy, who has been given a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. I know each emotion that this family is feeling and my heart is breaking for them. Today they received some news that has made this journey even more difficult.
Dr. Metz - Addie's ophthalmologist, and a wonderful, patient man - diagnosed this sweet baby boy with another diagnosis of cortical vision impairment. An MRI is scheduled and the family will know more after the MRI.
Please pray for the best results possible from the MRI, we all feel strongly in the power of prayer and God's healing powers. We all know that a diagnosis does not condemn this baby to a life that has been outlined in a medical journal - anything is possible!
Please pray for peace for this family.
Please pray for the doctors who care for this sweet baby - his name is Case - he needs only the best care, as he is already surrounded by so much love.
Please take a few minutes to pray with us - please pray for healing, peace, acceptance and love.


Rush said...

Thank you so much for your kind words and prayer for our family. We love this little blessing in the deepest way a family could ever love a child. As a father to Case i would like to personally thank you, he has truly made myself a better person and a father. You know they say God gives special children to special parents but I will tell you I needed him more than he needed me. I thank you again.

Jason Rush

Jennifer said...

David and I will agree with you all in prayer. Thanks for telling us about baby Case.