Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Lee!

Addie was invited to her very first birthday party!
I am referring to her first invitation from friends at school - not friends or family. Lee's fabulous Mother began by reading all the little ones a story about Clifford and the Fire Department.
After the story, we all walked over to the Riverchase Fire Department!
What a neat idea for a birthday party!
Addie took it all in...the tire was huge compared to Addie!
Silly little Monkey...loving nothing more than sitting with her friends and having her picture taken!
They had just about had it with the paparazzi!
Addie even found the "hidden mirror" on the fire truck!

She looks so tiny...she could be an ornament for the front of the truck!

Let's not forget the cake and ice cream!
This was the second favorite of all the little ones after the fabulous ghost fruit bouquet from edible arrangements!
After dessert, Lee's Mom gave everyone a little pumpkin to decorate - how creative!
Thank you again for hosting a wonderfully, creative birthday party and thank you for allowing us to attend!
Happy Birthday Lee!


Aunt Nonna (Rhonda) said...

Cutest hood ornament I've ever seen.