Sunday, October 11, 2009

Have I mentioned how wonderful Julien is?

Just in case I haven't, let me tell you one more time.
He is fabulous - in all aspects - and he loves his sister more than anything on this earth!
He has been a tremendous help to me lately by watching Addie so that I can get quick tasks done around the house.
If I need to clean the kitchen, he will sit with her and color or read a book, if I need to change clothes, he will play with her in the living room, etc...
Well, this particular evening, I needed to run upstairs to put some laundry in the washer so I decided to get some graham crackers and put the kids at the kitchen table.
After all, Addie is buckled in her highchair with Julien sitting right next to her.
Harmless enough, right?
Right before I went upstairs, I noticed the leftover marshmallow creme in the pantry from last weekend's get together.
Addie has never tried marshmallow creme, because I absolutely refuse to buy it unless I have a recipe to make and usually that happens once a year and only if I have the time it requires to make said recipe.
Regardless, here was the marshmallow creme in the pantry.
What goes great with graham crackers? Oh yes, that would be marshmallow creme (and chocolate, but I don't keep that in the house either - that would be very, very bad for me).
I took a graham cracker, broke it in fourths and told Julien to put her a small dab of marshmallow creme on that one cracker and that I would be right back.
Somehow in the midst of those instructions, it was understood that she could have ever how many marshmallow doused graham crackers her little heart desired.
When I walked back into the kitchen, this is what I saw:Does that look like a 1/4 of a graham cracker to you?I think the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man exploded in my house!

At least the milk is good for her!


Julie said...

:) Aren't big brothers wonderful! She is just too cute Jenn.

jennohara said...

Haha!! I'm sure that was a joy to clean up!!

csmith said...

He is so sweet! I think it is precious how he loves her and spends such memorable time with her!