Saturday, October 03, 2009

The view

As Chris and I were pulling into the parking deck, I couldn't even look up.
I busied myself with getting presents together and I believe I even managed to pick every last piece of lint off my shirt in an effort not to have to take in where we were.
I grabbed Chris's hand as we got out of the car and started for the elevators, my stomach felt like it was in knots and it took all I had to keep the nausea at bay.
The last time Chris and I took that walk together was the day of Addie's first MRI. It was minutes after leaving the chapel and we were heading back up to the 3rd floor of the women's center because I needed to stop by the nurse's station.
There was a moment walking through that hallway where I felt I had managed to gain enough composure in order to make the telephone call to my friend at work.
The call in which I would tell her to send an email letting everyone know that we were grateful for their prayers, but that the MRI results were the worst that we could have gotten.
This was the view I had as I made that call.
Tonight as we walked back down that hallway, I asked Chris for the camera.
I wanted a picture of that view with the full moon in the background.
A renewed view of seeing out that window moments after leaving the birthing suite in which my friend had just brought new life into the world.
I knew that although our pain is tied to Room 321, that hallway and that hospital, all we saw was the view of God's Grace as we stood looking out.
God's Grace is all we see now and what we are most thankful for.


Anonymous said...

Who would have thought that the walk on the same hallway could be so different? God is good because the 2 different walks were brought together for 1 purpose-to give Him the glory for all the Addison's, Bergen's and their families we pray for each day.