Friday, April 17, 2009

Dental visit number two

Julien and Addie had their six-month dental check-up today.

I am blaming the trauma on the fact that Addie is not even two weeks out from having surgery. I probably should have rescheduled, but we all know the wait time for routine cleanings (it was a two month wait last time). I just didn't want to put it off. So, we proceeded with the trauma.

Addie was not happy, at all.

She never once smiled and was not the happy child from her very first dental visit. Bless her, she has had a tough time lately.

Julien was a pro as always and no matter that Julien tried to be cheerful for Addie, she was still petrified for him! She whined and cried and wanted everybody just to leave Julien alone...just the way she wanted everybody to leave her alone.

I finally just had to get up and walk around with her, but it didn't help much! Julien came through the whole thing unscathed and Addie didn't recover until a few minutes after we left!

I just love everyone at Dr. Thomas' office.
They are perfect pediatric dental providers! They even remembered Addie from her first visit when they saw her magazine cover back in March. One of the hygenist told me that they were bragging, telling people that Addie was one of their patients!
Too sweet!


Gem said...

We can't afford the children to suffer pain due to tooth decay. That's why the check-up must be done earlier.