Sunday, April 26, 2009

Big changes

I have made some pretty big changes for Addie recently. In the beginning, I thought the decisions were going to be difficult, but in all actuality, it was quite easy.

I have always been very straight forward about Addie. I'm not in denial over her progress and I know how very far behind she is. I realize that. There was something nagging terribly at me and when I figured out what it was, I fixed it.

As much as The Bell Center helped us in the beginning, I realized that in the present time, Addie needs more help than they can offer.

Chris and I made the decision to take Addie out of The Bell Center. I found some amazing therapists who will provide one on one care for Addie. Monkey is in need of intensive one on one therapy and as much as that may hurt my heart, I know it is the right thing to do.

I am still trying to work out the scheduled dates and times, but PT, OT and ST will equal out to four sessions per week. Granted, that will more than quadruple our monthly therapy payment, it is worth every penny spent.

The amazing thing about it is that I get to schedule the days and times that are good for me as opposed to me having to work around a center or therapist schedule. Imagine that! That really helps us out and makes Monkey's transition back to her school day so much nicer!

I am going to miss Monkey's visits with Hand-In-Paw. She really enjoyed that part of her therapy. I am looking into other options, but I don't believe we will have access to them again.

I am absolutely thrilled about these changes because I see this opening new doors for Monkey!


As a few of you know, when Monkey was born, our friends, family and co-workers donated money to The Bell Center for Monkey's therapy.

At the time of the donation, it was enough to cover tuition for 34 months. With inflation, it ended up that it wouldn't have covered but two months of the third year. With that being said, I want each and every one of you to know that YOUR money is still being used for Monkey's therapy.

There was a small credit balance remaining from The Bell Center. I took that money and transferred it over for her new therapists.

Please know that each and every penny of every dollar given is going directly to Monkey's therapy. Not a penny of that money was spent or is being spent in any other way.

That gift to us was amazing and appreciated more than words could ever say!

I want you all to know that it is continuing to help sweet Monkey!


Anonymous said...

Is there a way now to donate for more therapy? I was not sure if the OT, PT and ST would be in the same practice where maybe people could send some money to put on her account.
I want to continue to be be blessed with her amazing stories and if I can help by donating, I would love to!!

BobbyTSkizoke said...

That is great Saffer. I'm sure it was tough leaving the Bell Center because I know how highly you and Chris think of them but you know what is best.