Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I just couldn't say "no".

I am one of those shoppers that buy useless things for my children just because it is way too cheap to pass up. I will take those useless items and put them away. When my kids have had a really bad day at school or do something extra great, I will bring out one of the surprises. I don't do it often, but sometimes it is just necessary.

Well, Chunky is becoming quite the little treasure hunter.
If Addie is awake when I get dressed in the mornings, I will just close my bedroom door, give her a few things to play with and commence with my routine. Sunday morning was just horrible. She was miserable and just wanted to be held. I had no choice but to let her tough it out while I got dressed. She followed me into the closet and in all of her frustration, was trying to find anything to get into - I think in an effort to get my attention more quickly.
Well, Chunk managed to open a box that I had thoughtlessly left on the floor. Inside the box was one of those useless items. A baby that I found back at Christmas time. She was tucked away for whenever I felt the time was right.

I guess that time was then.

Addie found her and would not be deterred until she had her. She held onto the box and scooted the box all around my closet, bedroom and bathroom. I finally gave up and took them both downstairs. I knew Addie felt miserable and she didn't hesitate to show it. When we settled in the living room, Addie crawled in my lap and just cried. Not a little rotten cry, but a cry of pain. I held her for a few minutes before she was calm enough to open baby's box.

- If you notice, I still have wet spots on my clothes from her tears -

My sweet, little baby. I did feel so bad for her!