Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What light? Where's the light?

Maybe a very dim light...

at the end of a very long tunnel.

Chunk-Chunk has had an incredibly difficult time recovering from surgery. Much more difficult than I expected. There has been no sleep (at night), no pain meds, no antibiotics, no food and minimal drink up until last night.

I owe our small victory all to Julien.

Julien's school dismissed early yesterday due to the power outage. He was home by lunch and in enough time to help me prepare an "Addie-friendly" casserole for dinner.

The day was beautiful and I was able to take Addie out for a short walk down the street and back and then around the house a few times. We both enjoyed the opportunity for some fresh air and a change of scenery.

When dinnertime came around, I expected Addie to refuse to eat just as she has every day since we left the hospital. She surprised us all by eating several bites of the breakfast casserole - nice soft smushy eggs and bread - and a bite or two of a croissant. To top that off, Julien was holding her and talking to me while I was cleaning up after dinner. I had a light-bulb moment and decided to try her meds while Julien was holding her. He had her so distracted, that she never realized that she took her antibiotic and pain meds! Woo-hoo!

My joy was short lived...the pain meds wore off by midnight and Chunk was awake again and crying.

Small baby steps, minimal progress day by day. I intend on going back to work tomorrow and hope that Addie is ready to go back to school. We may have to shorten the day and work up to an entire day. She is just so tired and has no energy.

Maybe today will be better!