Sunday, April 26, 2009

Two by two

We're making progress!
Monkey is progressing towards more "sentences".
(We have already mastered "I Love You" and "Thank You")
The newest are:
"Hi Daddy"
"put back"
I'm just beaming with joy!
You can only guess how we made it to these two sentences.
Each and every time we come home, walk outside, wake up, etc., I tell Monkey to tell "Daddy hi".
So she does!
Then, you can imagine how many times a day Monkey is told to "put something back". She has to put back her toys, put back my makeup brushes (little Monkey), put back her play dishes in the cabinet, put her food back on her plate, put her socks back on.... No wonder she caught right on to those words!
I have all hopes that we will continue to progress. If we never progress past today, I am thankful for what we have achieved and who my little Monkey is!