Friday, April 10, 2009


paid us a visit....

No wait, I just thought it was DHR ringing my doorbell tonight.
Addie was having a massive meltdown because she is in pain, but refuses to take any medicine. As I'm trying desperately to talk over her and get the medicine down her precious, little pain ridden throat, the doorbell rings. I am more than embarrassed because I can't imagine how it must have sounded. Her screaming, me telling her to please take a drink and swallow.

Surely, you've all been there...right?
Thankfully, it was the owner of our local Italian Restaurant coming to ever so graciously give us a gift certificate for "Helena's Superstar". I just wanted to cry. Chris answered the door as I was still trying to calm Addie. I didn't even get to thank him.
How humiliating.
Please accept my sincere gratitude. It absolutely makes me so honored to know that you took the time to think of Addie, print this card and hand-deliver it to us.
I'm sure nobody will feel like cooking a big meal tomorrow night, so how about stopping in to Fraydo's, support our local business and make sure to tell them how kind they are!